Seikichi Toguchi

May 20, 1917: Born in Hana City, Okinawa, as the third son of Masahide Toguchi

1932: Joined Higa Dojo, the only branch dojo of Goju-Ryu Karate-Do founder Master Chojun Miyagi. Received instructions by both Master Miyagi and Master Seko Higa.

1942: Sent to Palenbang Refinery in southern Sumatra, Indonesia, as a civilian in the military service. Taught Karate to military personnel and Indonesians.

1946: As World War II ends, returned to Itoman City, Okinawa

October, 1947: With Master Seko Higa as matchmaker, wed Haruko

1948: Appointed as chief instructor of Itoman City Martial Training society Karate Club

1952: Goju-Ryu Advancement Society was formed, with Master Miyagi as Chairman. Toguchi was installed as a permanent member of the Board of Directors.

1953: With the death of Master Miyagi, Goju-Ryu Advancement Society was renamed Karate-Do Goju Association, with Master Meitoku Yagi as Chairman. Toguchi was installed as Vice Chairman. Shorei-Kan Karate-Do Goju Research Institute was founded.

1955: Opened first Shorei-Kan Dojo in Koza City

May, 1956: Okinawan Karate-Do Federation was formed. Toguchi was installed as a member of the Board of Directors.

July, 1958: Demonstrated karate as All-Okinawan Athletic Meet in Okinawa City

October, 1960: Moved to Tokyo, served as chief instructor at Yoyogi Martial Training Society Karate Dojo

1962: Shorei-Kan dojo opened in Meguro Borough, Tokyo

February, 1963: Shorei-Kan dojo (outdoors) opened at Hikawa Shrine (Temple)

May, 1963: Founded Hosei University Goju Association, served as chief instructor.

June, 1963: First Shorei-Kan demonstration was held at Nakano Borough (Tokyo) civic hall.

August, 1965: Shorei-Kan organized the All-Okinawan Karate Championship and Demonstration

April, 1966: Shorei-Kan Tokyo Headquarters was built and opened with the cooperation of Tamano Construction Co. (founded by Shihan Toshio Tamano's father and managed by his brother)

October 10, 1970: Shorei-Kan participated in First World Karate Championship Tournament. Toguchi demonstrated Kata Seipai.

1972: Traveled to U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico for instruction seminars and demonstrations

1974: Traveled to Europe

September, 1982: Visited Canada for 10th Anniversary Demonstration of Canadian Shorei-Kan

1985: Visited United States for instruction seminars and demonstrations.

1998:  Passed away:

Master Seikichi Toguchi passed away at the age of 81 in Tokyo on August 31, 1998.  His accomplishments and credits are too numerous to detail but suffice it to say that he was at the center of Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate world.  He was the last living Okinawan master to receive the title of 'Bushi' a title also held by his teacher, Master Chojun Miyagi.

Master Toguchi leaves behind a strong organization which is now headed by his son, Master Seki Toguchi.  He is also survived by his wife and grandchildren.  His physical presence will be deeply missed but his spirit and inspiration in Budo Karate will always be there.
Master Kanryo Higashionna (1840-1910)
Master Chojun Miyagi (1888-1953)
Master Seko Higa
Seikichi Toguchi (Headmaster) (1917 - 1998)
Shihan Toshio Tamano (8th Dan)

Shihan Scott Lenzi (7th Dan)