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Shorei-kan provides a comprehensive, safe non-aggres- sive  effective approach to the fundamentals of Okinawan Budo Kaisai-do. This allows the student to progress at their own pace developing good technical skills and self confidence.

Adults Karate


Kaisai-do provides adult students with a systematic and progressive approach to the ancient techniques and principles of this comprehensive art. Classes include Drama Taiso, a unique set of exercises and stretches allowing good fitness development as well as practical applications of martial art techniques. The system allows for a developmental approach from pre-arranged sequences to safe fighting practice with protective equipment and the use of techniques for defense. All while maintaining the spirit and essence of Budo which expresses the goal of humility and the use of techniques for defense only.

Okinawa Weaponry

Okinawa Weaponry

The Shorei-Kai system is a complete system of Okinawan weaponry using all of the ancient Okinwnan weapons incurring – Bo, Tonfa, Sai, Nunchaku, Kama, Tecchu, etc.. The student practices not only solo forms but also Bunkai (2 person sequences) and free fighting with protective gear and specially designed weapons.

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Your Instructor

Shihan Scott Lenzi
Chief Instructor, USA Representative

Shihan Lenzi was born on November 2, 1956 in Manhassett, New York. He joined the Mt. Kisco branch Dojo under the direction of Shihan Tamano in 1972 and received the rank of Shodan in 1974. Shihan Lenzi conducted classes at Norwich University and Manhattanville College before opening the Buchanan Dojo in 1980.

He was later appointed USA Representative by Master Toguchi for Shorei Kan Karate and USA Representative for Shorei-Kai Kobudo by Shihan Tamano.

Shihan Lenzi has traveled to study, demonstrate and teach Shorei-Kan Karate throughout the USA, Guatemala, France, Italy and Japan. Shihan Lenzi currently holds the rank of 8th Dan Black Belt in Kaisai-do and 6th Dan Black Belt in Okinawan Kobudo. Shihan Lenzi has published many articles on Goju-Ryu Karate in a number of international magazines and has assisted in the writing of several books including Advanced techniques of Shorei-Kan Karate published by Black Belt Magazine.

Shihan Lenzi continues to study under Shihan Tamano, as his most senior student. He oversees the USA Organization and conducts classes at the USA Headquarters and throughout the United States, South and Central America.

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